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Your Academic Drawing Kit

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Your Academic Drawing Kit contains everything you need to create your first academic drawing.
The materials, the model to copy, the paper of same shade as the printed model, and the course to discover
a unique drawing method used in the academies that train students to draw at the highest level.


The model is from the famous Charles Bargue Drawing Course, printed in lithography on a 19th-century press
to get the highest definition of values and lines.

Charles Bargue’ Drawing Course, published in the 19th century, trained some excellent academic draughtsmen and painters.

This print alone would be enough to justify a museum price.
If you want to draw it accurately and understand what makes it so valuable,
you’ll find all the materials you need to succeed, in addition to your lithograph:

  • one Nitram charcoal starter kit, preferred by most academies, with a sharpening bloc
  • two block-in steps showing the ideal progression towards the final drawing
  • two sheets of the highest quality Italian paper in the exact same color as the printed model
  • one kneadable eraser in a protective case made for charcoal
  • the guarantee certificate
  • two plumb lines, the secret of which is explained in the course
  • the access to the online course is included in the kit + bonus videos

For the pre launch price you get all in one: the material, the course and the exceptional model.

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The kit will be available for delivery end of September 2023 (maybe a little later).