For the first time since 1878

“It is possible to practice academic drawing
with plates by Charles Bargue, lithographed
a 19th century press, with paper having the original tonal-value
and the format
recommended by the
Ecole des Beaux-Arts 
in Paris”


“For anyone interested in traditional art instruction, 19th-century culture, or even just superb printmaking, 2021 is now a year of historical and educational significance. The Bargue Encore project has launched with the publication of ten exquisite lithographs that replicate ten of the plates in Charles Bargue’s legendary Drawing Course.”

Peter Trippi Editor-in-chief of Fine Art Connoisseur

“The lithographed Bargue Encore plates are incomparable to any other enlarged reproduction from a book or digital image”

When enlarging a reproduction to its original size most subtleties are lost.

Not so on the “Bargue Encore” lithographed plates !

Therefore, the student comes to understand more clearly the values, subtleties and quality of line.

All plates are printed on a paper of the  same value as the original plates, providing a perfect teaching and learning opportunity.

Meet the people who made these prints
and get yours!

Piet Herzeel

Piet Herzeel started lithography in 1972. During a 6-week workshop at an academy in Florence, Italy, he discovered that the photocopied plates, used as models, were not satisfactory…

“The most demanding academies and ateliers are already offering their students these incredible lithographs”

And now you?

Genta Plasari

Passionate about academic drawing, Genta learned with Sadie Valeri. She decides to join forces with Piet to offer academies a quality never before achieved by contemporary processes.

“Each plate is the exact size of Bargue’s original drawing, which we measured on the originals. Most of the time instructors are surprized by the real size»

It will take no less for Piet and Genta to equip themselves with two rare lithographic presses and embark on this project strewn with pitfalls.
Three years of research will culminate in this magnificent edition.
Equipping them selves with two rare lithographic presses, Piet and Genta embarked on this project, whose path has been strewn with pitfalls.

Now, after three years of intense research their efforts will bring to you this magnificent edition of lithograph plates.

Genta Plasari

Passionate about academic drawing, Genta studied with Sadie Valeri. She decided to join forces with Piet to offer academies lithographic Bargue Plates of unparalleled quality.

“Each plate is the exact size of Bargue’s original drawings. We precisely measured the originals. After working from small reproductions, instructors are amazed by the quality of the original sized plates.

The level of detail and value is incredibly accurate!

Everything has been thought out to promote increased drawing skills.

Stunning details!

Only by manually inking and printing these plates, adapting the process to each individual image, can we achieve such perfection of detail. Offset printing can never match the subtleties of hatching, stretching, and the modulation of line that is essential for our purposes.

Paper plays an important role


The magnificent textured art paper (also available in blank sheets) allows for the reproduction of the smallest details of the original work. Thus, each value, each hatched area, can be seen and copied with ease. Nothing detracts from the study of the model.

An authentic printing technique

Lithographic printing makes it possible to replicate the true nature of construction block-ins rendered in charcoal. The plates intended for copying with graphite pencil are produced in a lighter tone restoring the beauty of this medium.

A cool and a warm shade of blank paper is available. The value of each is perfectly matched to the original plates, making them ideal for copying. You can add them to your orders.

Nothing was left to chance.

The method of instruction is complete, whether you are an academy, a private workshop, or a fine arts student.

With Bargue Enrore plates there is even more...

Supplemental materials are available online for those who desire additional help. Access is automatically offered to all who purchase a plate.

Useful supplements to make the most of it

The plates are provided with historical or technical elements and made available to you. This often-unpublished information comes to you from our many years of researching this course. They are always available to teachers and will provide your students with an additional scientific and historical dimension.

What instructional methods to adopt with these plates?

A cold stamp is applied if the highest standard is reached. Each plate has a unique number and a proof of origin.

These supplements will be useful to those who begin their learning experience with these plates.

This course, as originally instituted, had no published method of instruction. The academies and private workshops of the time knew exactly how to use the plates.

For those just discovering our plates, or who have never taught with them, with each purchase we have added helpful advice for their use.

Academies and private workshops are familiar with their use, but we offer many additional advantages. Contact us for more information.

If you are NOT an Academy, not a private Atelier,

not a teacher, nor a passionate student
but want to get your hands on a Bargue plate, just for the beauty of it,
contact us, we have great options for you !