You may download the block-in of plate I-8 below

"Do you want to start a collection of great educational and cultural value? "

We can help you.

Here is your one time offer !

You have received a free sample. Do you want to start a collection of great educational and cultural value? We can help you.

To make things easier for you, we offer you a FREE large format plate with one of your order of a large format plate of your choice. So for the price of just one plate you will get two in addition to your sample.
Isn’t that a great start to a collection?
And if you take advantage of this offer before it is discontinued, you will be eligible for special conditions all year long.

How to benefit from this offer?
To take advantage of this offer, you must register here:
When registering you have no obligation to benefit from this offer.

A special access that will allow you to order the plate of your choice and we will add a second different plate. This plate may vary according to our stock but it will be a nice surprise. The two plates will be in the original format 17 x 24 in / 44 x 60 cm.

Your shipping costs will be those applicable to your paid order only. We will take care of the packaging and additional shipping costs if needed.

Please see the FAQ below to understand the offer.

Is this offer valid regardless of the plate purchased?
You can choose to purchase any previously published plate for this offer. We cannot combine this offer with pre-ordered plates. However, if a pre-ordered plate is your preferred choice, we will give you a significant discount on the second plate. In such a case, please write us at : and we will send you a custom offer.

Is this offer limited ?
Yes, this offer is limited in time. It can be withdrawn at any time.

If I buy more than one plate, will I get more than one plate for free?
That would be great but it is impossible given the quality of our lithographs and their value, given the work that each one requires. This offer is not an offer equivalent to 50% off your purchase. It is a welcome gift. If you purchase multiple plates, we will be delighted with your order and to count you as a fan, but the welcome gift is a one-time deal and can only be obtained once. Luckily all of our customers get all of the best deals that we create several times a year.

How do I get the outline of my sample plate?
You can dowload it here. Or register in the form above and you will receive a link to the download page for your printer ready image. You will also receive the link to the offer and you are under no obligation to take advantage of it.

Sculpture of the Venus de Medici whose foot inspired Bargue for the plate number 8